Sewer Line Warranty Santa Fe

Here’s an important tip for those of you living in older established Santa Fe neighborhoods.

We love our trees and they certainly provide wonderful shade and enhance the beauty of our homes. However, you need to be aware that huge trees with invasive roots can ruin sidewalks and sewer lines.

The City of Santa Fe holds you responsible for damage to your own sewer line. It’s the underground line from the connection to the city’s trunk sewer line to your home.

Tree roots can break that line. Over time that often happens. Also shifting ground or other issues can also cause sewer lines to break. If it happens, repairs are not easy and they are very costly. An unexpected sewer line repair can devastate your family budget.

There is an interesting and affordable option.

Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) offers a sewer line warranty for a small monthly fee. When you are in need of a repair all you have to is call the 24 hour hotline and a plumber will be sent within 24 hours to perform the repair.

Repair costs are covered up to $4,000 per incident, plus an additonal $4,000 allowance for public street cutting, if needed.