Home Apps for Your Smartphone

Home Maintenance by POJO Software, Inc.
($4.99; for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad), You’ll never forget a routine service for your home again.
This app keeps a log of your scheduled maintenance for your home and reminds you when items should
be repaired or inspected. Easily access your service history, add photos and add other relevant
information, such as your home’s appraisal value.

Photo Measures by Big Pixel Inc. (both apps are $4.99, for iPhone and iPad) and My Measure
& Dimensions (For Android) figure out the dimensions of a room or article of furniture so that you don’t
have to. Just take a picture of what you want measured and the apps display the dimensions.

HomeSavvy by HomeAdvisor.com
(Free for Android) also lets you plan routine maintenance for your home and set
reminders for future services. Additionally, it offers tips to help you prevent major repairs
and save money.

HomeRoutines App ($3.99 for iPad, iPod, touch, iPhone), helps you manage your recurring
household chores. Make a checklist, prioritize your lists and set up reminder notifications
for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.