Relocation Tips Santa Fe

Moving is a huge decision. Nothing about it is easy. This is true even if you’re moving to one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Consideration for the family and personal priorities are numbers one and two on the your decision list. I suggest starting with what each member of the family wants out of the move and go from there.
The first decision is price range.

  • What is your comfort zone?

Here are some questions you should ask about the location of the home:

  • How long do you expect to live there?
  • Does the location of the home work for everyone in the family?
  • Privacy needs? What are they?
  • Are mountain views very important to me?
  • Do you want to live close to the city center of Santa Fe, or just in the city limits, or do you want a location that’s a ten to twenty minute commute from Santa Fe?
  • Are there any medical considerations that must be considered in this relocation?
  • Do you desire a newer home that is lighter and brighter and has open floor plans and mountain views, or do you desire an historic adobe home near downtown Santa Fe?
  • Do you entertain a lot? If so, you need to consider a floor plan that works for your lifestyle.
  • Who is the cook in the family? What type of kitchen layout do you desire?
  • How do you plan to decorate the new home?
  • Do have collectibles and art that requires special treatment?
  • Gardening? Do you want to have and maintain a large garden? Or do you just want a small garden?
  • Home maintenance is always a question. How much time do you want to spend maintaining your home?
  • Does your career require a home office? Do you work from home? Does the home business require storage space?
  • Guys — and this question probably even applies to ladies — how big a closet and bathroom does your significant other require to make them happy?
  • Lastly —  is your family going to grow? If so, you need to anticipate that growth. Will you outgrow the home?Will there be more children? Or will your home be too big when the kids move out? Will parents or grandma moves in?

These are just a few questions. No doubt as you begin asking them others will arise. This Certified Residential Specialist can help you with these questions and others. When you’re ready, I’m ready to locate the perfect home and that you will love.